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Race Team

Challenge Cycling Club, Galway

Challenge CC will have riders racing in all categories from A4 to A1 this coming year. This mix of experience and knowledge will help develop the race team and give us a great backdrop from which to enter the season ahead.


The race calendar is jam packed full of great events and courses. Inevitably we won’t all be able to attend every race, however we will come together as a group and create a race programme that we will focus on as a “Team” whilst other races might have fewer club members in attendance.


In road racing often the strongest man or woman on the day doesn’t win out. There are a huge amount of factors that can influence who is first to get the checkered flag.


The old saying of “horses for courses” is an appropriate metaphor here, and it’s something that can easily be seen in the professional ranks. You don’t see Sam Bennett trying to win a mountain stage or Dan Martin attempting to win a Sprinters stage.


The Team works for the rider with the best chance on the day. There are several factors that can influence this, the terrain, the form riders are in, and depending on their goals for the season.


With the right approach we can succeed as a team and win as individuals having contributed to each others performance on the day, and importantly have a lot of fun along the way.

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